Endometriosis Centre, Berlin

Dear Patient,

The Kinderwunsch- und EndometrioseZentrum Berlin (Fertility and Endometriosis Centre, Berlin) is an endometriosis centre recognised and certified by the Stiftung Endometriose-Forschung (Endometriosis Research Foundation) and the Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland e.V. (German Endometriosis Association). We are the only practice in Germany to practice at such a high standard as to be accredited as a level II centre.

We have undertaken to undergo quality control reviews at regular intervals and submit our numbers and results to the Stiftung Endometriose-Forschung (Endometriosis Research Foundation).

As a level II certified endometriosis centre, we can offer you

  • Specialist endometriosis consulting hours
  • Diagnostic testing and treatment for sterility in-house
  • Endoscopic surgeries
  • Diagnostic testing and treatment for pain, including the use of supplemental treatments such as acupuncture, bioresonance therapy, homoeopathy, natural therapies and TCM in-house
  • Collaboration with the outpatient pain clinic at the Charité
  • Collaboration with self-help groups such as the Endometriose-Vereinigung e.V. (Endometriosis Association)
  • Collaboration with rehabilitation clinics and
  • Providing support with applications for rehabilitative care
  • Advanced training for doctors and patients
  • Active participation in studies and quality control related data analyses

Level 2 endometriosis centre - certificate -

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