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The Berlin Baby Project

of the kinderwunschteam berlin.

Your aim: to get pregnant
Our offer:
to offer state of the art fertility treatment – right away!
Your bonus:
see Berlin, mix pleasure and treatment (also on weekends)

Dr. Gülden Halis (turkish national) founded Berlin’s newest infertility clinic in april 2010. Her aim is to offer a fertility clinic that offers patient friendlier and more cost effective fertility treatment. Application of modern methods ensures best possible treatment options also for patients who have been so far unsuccessfully treated by conventional methods. Also, due to Dr. Gülden Halis‘ special expertise in the field of endometriosis patients from all over the country come to seek help.

The Berlin Baby Project targets infertility patients especially from the UK, as long waiting lists and unacceptably high prices often lead to hardship and despair.

According to a survey published at the World Market for Health Tourism Conference in 2007, 50.500 Britons, 5.000 of these for infertility treatment, travel abroad every year. And that was 2007! Easy and cheap traveling paired with the desire to go ahead with an individual treatment independently has brought these figures much further up since then.

When you are considering treatment abroad you usually have certain concerns:

  1. Is treatment abroad right for you?
    Until a few years ago, the only people who travelled overseas for medical treatment were the wealthy, who could afford flying abroad to be treated by the world best doctors. Today cities like Berlin are only an affordable jump away. You can travel door to door within a few hours. You can then even travel back home during your treatment. And — what´s wrong with exploring a new place every once in a while?
  2. Research:
    Due to the internet, today you can take a look at the place your considering going to, at the people you´ll be dealing with.
  3. Destination:
    Most European cities are only 1 to 2 hours away, adding 1 hour each side you can make it in 4-5 hours door to door. Germany is world renowned for it´s professionals and high standards.
  4. The right clinic:
    Berlin has several IVF clinics. Our clinic is the newest and best located- right in the middle of historic Berlin. Most of the staff is proficient in English. Your doctor is only an e mail or a phone call away. Today there´s no need to “buy a pig in a poke”! Both the main clinic (“kinderwunschteam berlin”) as well as the closely cooperating berlin sperm bank ( “Berliner Samenbank”) comply with up to date quality management systems. Of course we will accommodate you by offering special appointments outside the given “official office hours” given throughout our homepage (especially weekends).
  5. Medical qualifications:
    Dr. Peet has been working in the field of IVF for many years as well as his charming Turkish partner Dr. Halis. Their success rates (pregnancy rates) for the last 10 years have been above average even under the (now somewhat lightened) stiff german embryo protection law. Both are active members of several renowned national- and international professional organizations.
  6. Paying for treatment:
    Establishing treatment costs is essential before you travel. As costs may vary a lot, due to prices of drugs a detailed breakdown of costs will still only allow an estimate of expected final bill. But you can be sure: prices in Germany are much lower than those you face in the UK.
  7. Flights and accommodation:
    The Berlin Baby Project will in the near future welcome it´s patients at the airport, as the project gathers momentum. But in 2010 patients will be required to travel to the clinic or their hotel/apartment by taxi (30 €. Both Berlin airports are only 20-30 minutes away. Hotel rooms and apartments are available for 30-60 € a night. Life in Berlin, on the whole, is a little less expensive than London. Our staff can help you find a place within walking distance or 2 stops on the underground (“U-Bahn”). Also see: flights and accommodation — at the bottom of this page.
  8. Travel arrangements:
    Of course we should have been given prior time to review your medical data to ensure that the planned time frame for your treatment is sufficient. You will need your passports on entering from the UK.
  9. What about pre- and after care?
    The Berlin Baby Project is currently negotiating with UK based doctors to assist UK based patients in their “foreign treatment”. IVF and ICSI treatments are, on the whole, safe treatments if carried out by experienced professionals. However at least one follow up visit should be performed 7-14 days after the embryo transfer. Even Berlin based patients occasionally only come on day 11, 14 and 17 for their complete IVF cycle. Currently we need to have a first reviewing visit (after initial e mail or phone contact). The next time we will see you is around day 10 or 11 to plan the day of egg pick up and consecutive embryo transfer.
  10. What if something does go wrong?
    In the extremely unlikely event of something going wrong during surgery, our clinic closely cooperates with all surrounding hospitals to ensure swift ongoing medical care. National insurance usually covers such treatment costs- as opposed to the cost of the infertility treatment. It is in your best interest to confirm this with your UK insurance company.

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