Acupuncture for smoking cessation

Since tobacco consumption has been proven to reduce the quality of sperm and eggs and can lead to complications in pregnancy even after successful fertility treatment, we attach great importance to motivating you to give up nicotine.

If you are not confident in tackling this issue on your own, or have perhaps even failed in doing so, we offer a smoking cessation program for infertility couples.

The smoking cessation process begins with a detailed interview, during which a scientifically proven smoking test is also carried out. We then discuss your path to quitting smoking.  In this process, we also address issues such as stress and conditioning and – if it seems sensible and necessary – we also use nicotine preparations.

After you have successfully stopped smoking, 2-3 acupuncture sessions will follow to reduce withdrawal symptoms and lead you to long-term success. Here we mainly use ear acupuncture in combination with body acupuncture.

Please feel free to ask us about this topic without obligation.