Donor IVF

If, in addition to a significant fertility problem in the man, there is a tubal blockage in the woman or if repeated sperm transfer cycles with donor sperm have not been successful, IVF/ICSI can be performed, which is then called donogenic IVF. The procedure does not differ from the IVF/ICSI described earlier.

The different types of IVF, NC-IVF, Mini-IVF™ and conventional IVF are described elsewhere.

Prerequisites for treatment

Through close cooperation with Berliner Samenbank GmbH, an optimal donor selection can be made possible for the couple. If desired, the couple will be able to choose a donor with physical characteristics (eye color, hair color, body weight, body height, blood type, body build, head shape, hairline, etc.) most similar to the man by listing various characteristics of all donors. That way it is possible to have the child resulting from the therapy physically similar to both of the so-called social parents. After presentation of a treatment contract with notarial signature certification, the corresponding therapy can be started.

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