Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a biophysical treatment method that works with the patient’s own electromagnetic fluctuation spectrum. This means that the method makes use of information regarding patient-specific and substance-specific fluctuations.

Bioresonance therapy uses your body’s own energy field. Your body (organs, cells, tissues, etc.) radiates electromagnetic fluctuations. The bioresonance equipment records these fluctuations via electrodes placed on your body and electronically changes abnormal fluctuations, for example, by reversing the polarity, before sending them back to your body as therapeutic fluctuations. Signals stressing the body (such as fluctuation patterns from environmental stresses) are reduced and ideally eliminated. This strengthens and activates the body’s ability to heal itself. We put the body in a position to increasingly regulate and detoxify itself.

Bioresonance therapy also uses fluctuations in substances, such as non-tolerated foods, viruses, bacteria and fungi, for therapeutic purposes; toxic heavy metals, pesticides, environmental contaminants and non-tolerated materials in teeth are also used. If you are contaminated with these substances, the effects in terms of energy on your entire body may be completely eliminated by us switching over to the exact opposite information for the corresponding substance. This results in significant strengthening of your body’s own defensive and self-healing capabilities.

The BICOM device records the fluctuations via cables similar to those used to perform ECGs or EEGs. Various electrodes are suitable , such as hand electrodes, foot electrodes, rolling electrodes, flexible electrodes, and others. A point electrode can be used to obtain targeted information on painful points,

acupuncture points, etc. A biological filter in the device separates healthy from abnormal fluctuations. The healthy fluctuations are

returned in amplified or attenuated form, and the abnormal fluctuations are electronically reversed and returned. The “counterfluctuations” generated in this manner weaken the abnormal fluctuations in the body or, ideally, eliminate them altogether. This will therefore correct abnormal information. The operator will adjust the settings for the device in each case. You will not

always feel something. There may be a slight feeling of warmth, tingling or contraction, particularly in areas of your body where abnormalities are located. Old lesions (old, non-healed areas of inflammation) such as in the teeth or scars may manifest themselves. It is therefore important for you to tell the therapist about your observations during

or immediately after therapy, as well as to note any symptoms occuring at home and inform the therapist at the next treatment session (for example, you may get a runny nose or experience increased defecation in the form of diarrhoea).

Listed below are some of the diseases that can be treated particularly effectively with bioresonance therapy:

Skin disorders:

  • Rash, neurodermatitis, eczema, hives,
  • allergy to sunlight, psoriasis, vitiligo, alopecia and rheumatism.

Respiratory disorders:

  • Asthma, hay fever, chronic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis

Digestive disorders:

  • Ulcerative colitis, diarrhoea, bloating, constipation, gastritis, colitis

Nervous disorders:

  • Migraines, tinnitus, tennis elbow, trigeminal neuralgia
  • Candida fungal infections are also observed with allergies as they only gain prevalence in the weakened immune systems of people with allergies

Please note:

Eat sugar as little as possible. Sugar damages the intestinal bacteria and creates favourable conditions for many intestinal diseases. Throughout treatment, drink plenty of water that is low in minerals (1.5 to 2 litres per day). Only water that is low in minerals can effectively remove harmful substances from your body, making it the ideal fluid to drink for detoxification. You should not drink coffee or alcohol for at least six hours before and after treatment.

Fatigue after therapy, feeling warm or cold or minor sweating are reactions to the therapy and will in most cases go away after a short amount of time. The treatment is completely pain-free!