The focus of our work is on the topics of desire to have children, endometriosis and problems beyond this for women of reproductive age. The concept of our practice is to offer an alternative to the usual “standard therapy”.

The concept of our practice is to individually – and very personally tailored to you – determine the diagnostic and later therapeutic path.
Every woman, every couple and every cause of infertility is different, so the approach to solving the problem should be just as individual and flexible. We do not work according to rigid, inflexible treatment plans, but are open to tailored and gentle therapies.

We offer the entire spectrum of modern infertility therapy, but we also apply innovative therapeutic concepts, which require a higher degree of flexibility, especially from the fertility center.

The methods we use also include therapy strategies that do not involve stressful, risky and expensive hormone stimulation (e.g. mini-IVF, IVF in the natural cycle). Treatment without any medication at all is also possible. Of course, this procedure has advantages and disadvantages. These methods are advantageous for

  • Women with reduced ovarian reserve (after cancer treatment, endometriosis patients, so-called “low responders”),
  • women over 40,
  • for women who could not be helped with the previous conventional IVF/ ICSI,
  • self-pay patients (less medication = lower costs).

Also, especially for women who have already been recommended egg donation abroad, it is quite possible to try again to “recruit” their own eggs.

It goes without saying that in order to make your treatment a success, we only work with cooperation partners who have the qualifications and empathy that you expect from us. This applies to the external laboratory area (psychological care, genetics, antibody determination, thrombophilia diagnostics, immunological clarifications) as well as to the operative area and alternative medicine.

Our doctors, biologists, nurses and laboratory staff have qualified themselves for the special tasks and requirements over many years.
Talk to us and get your own impression.