Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung

Information on family planning, contraception, pregnancy, desire for children, counseling services
Unterseite: Kinderwunsch

Hamburger Informationszentrum für Kinderwunschbehandlung e. V. (H.I.K. e.V.)

Information on treatment options for unfulfilled desire to have children,
contacts to other affected persons (e.g. self-help groups)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Reproduktionsmedizin e.V. (DGRM)

Germany’s largest scientific interdisciplinary association dedicated to reproductive medicine for more than 50 years

Deutsches IVF-Register

Board for quality assurance in human reproductive medicine in Germany, which has been collecting data for this purpose from facilities obliged to participate since 1982.

Forum der Kinderwunschseite klein-putz

Unterseite: Forenübersicht

Free portal and guide for parents and families.

Die Kinder-Wunsch Seite

Forums for the exchange of pregnant women, involuntarily childless, about cycles and much more,
Information on diagnostics, treatment, causes of infertility, natural family planning, alternative therapies, costs, laws, etc.


Experts answer questions about the desire to have children and related topics
Unterseite: Kinderwunsch-Expertenforum

Wunschkind e.V.

Action and information platform of the initiative Wunschkind – Zukunft für Deutschland. The aim is to support and develop understanding for unintentionally childless couples who wish to have a child that can only be realized with the help of medical therapies. Information on financing, the attitude of society, facts and figures and on fertility treatments.

Gesundheitsportal der QualiMedic: 9 Monate

Information offer from the desired child over pregnancy up to the birth. A platform set up in 1999 by medical specialists and entrepreneurs to facilitate and support communication between patients and doctors. In online expert consultations, questions are answered by specialists free of charge.