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Find out the most important dates of your pregnancy and the date of birth quickly: with our pregnancy calculator. You can print out the result: it will then fit into your maternal health passport.

You can also import the dates of your pregnancy as a digital calendar. In it you will also find the most important stages of development up to the birth.

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* Please note:
Every pregnancy is individual. Only about 1 in 25 pregnancies actually ends exactly on the calculated date. 9 out of 10 children are born within a period of ± 14 days around the calculated date.

This pregnancy calculator was created to the best of our knowledge. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the dates (especially legal requirements such as applications to health insurance companies etc., which are subject to frequent changes). This calendar does not replace medical advice. Every woman and every pregnancy is individual and should be attended to by a medical specialist.


You can print your pregnancy calendar to fit your maternity record:

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Digital calendar

You can also download the dates of your pregnancy calendar and import them into your calendar. All appointments will be combined in a new calendar.

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Unfortunately, not every mobile browser can download a calendar file. If it does not work, please try it with a desktop PC.