Hormone diagnostics

Basic diagnostics always includes meaningful and comprehensive hormone diagnostics. The day of the cycle, age, etc. are parameters to be considered.

Hormone diagnostics are necessary in case of the following conditions

  • Cycle disorders
  • Ovulation problems
  • Suspicion of hormone-induced disorders
  • after more than 2 miscarriages

Hormonal diagnostics are also recommended in order to detect disorders even before they have become apparent, e.g. a cycle disorder, but already have a negative influence on fertility. Some latent hormone disorders can also have negative effects during pregnancy.

Of course, hormone tests are also meaningful during ongoing therapies, for example, to determine the most appropriate time for insemination (sperm transfer) or follicle puncture (egg collection) in IVF (in vitro fertilization, test tube fertilization).

More frequent examinations are required especially in the case of NC-IVF (Natural-Cycle-IVF, IVF in the natural cycle), where ovulation is not suppressed by medication in order to determine the most favorable time (for the patient AND the doctor’s practice) for egg collection.